Friday, July 9, 2010

Types of Design in Qualitative Research

Research design in qualitative research is generally less structured and more flexible than research design in quantitative research.  Research Designs differ because of the context, purpose, and nature of the research.

Qualitative Research

Because research design is a process, it is useful to think about research design in terms of activities or tasks conducted during the research (p. 211).  Qualitative research may be approached from two perspectives:

1. FUNNEL APPROACH - Begins with general research questions that initiate the study, then on the basis of results from initial data collection the study conditions of the study are identified more specifically.  This process may be repeated to further focus the study until the conclusions are concentrated on a specific, or limited number, of components.  

2. MODIFIED ANALYTIC INDUCTION APPROACH - Begins with more specific research problems or questions and then attempts to cover all cases of the phenomenon under study to arrive at a comprehensive, descriptive model.  There is a reformulation of the model to accommodate data which does not fit the model.  This process of data collection and reformulation is continued until a satisfactory, universal explanation is obtained.

Interactive Activity #2:  Using the model you are assigned, follow the model process to design a qualitative research study on the nature of instruction using a constructivist approach to teach reading and math in grades 2-4.